Zoo Crew Basketball Program - The Zoo Crew Basketball Program accepts kids between the grades of K-12. Grades K-8 our program is year round. Grades 9-12 is from February-August.We will also offer Zoo Crew Basketball Clothing on this site.

Jimmy - 10/6
Michael Kofi - 10/6
Trent - 10/27


Nasir - 11/1
Noah - 11/13
Kevin - 11/23


Caidon - 12/7
Za'Maorian - 12/9
Shakhi - 12/26


Ayden - 1/2


De'Angelo - 02/02
Sanaa - 2/24



Micah - 4/19




Tahir - 7/20


Justin - 8/9
Zoo Crew Basketball Schedule 2016

 Item can be purchased in the Products Section to the left

This is the new uniform we will wear this upcoming season. Uniform must be purchased on the site

There is also a practice jersey available for purchase. Practice jersey is reversible (burgundy/white), it will be top only and will be worn for practice.

Site updated September 14th @ 9am

Your child must be registered to attend practice. This starts our new year, everyone must register even returning participants. Registration can be done to the left under (registration 2016/17).... 

Uniform and practice Jersey can be ordered in the Product Section

                                        *****Homework for Thursday - What does ineligible mean pertaining to basketball

Thursday September 29th

Practice - 6pm-7:30pm - Grades K-8

Tuesday October 4th

Practice - 6pm-7:30pm - Grades K-8

Thursday October 6th

Practice - 6pm-7:30pm - Grades K-8

 Tuesday October 11th

Practice - 6pm-7:30pm - Grades K-8
 Thursday October 13th
 Practice - 6pm-7:30pm - Grades K-8
 Saturday October 15th

Grades 5-8 Game in Irvington
Grades 3-4 Game in Newark

 Time and location will be posted

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