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Get Me Recruited Newark Boy's Top 50 All-Star Game

2 Games

5:30 & 7pm

Location - Central HS


2019 Roster - GIRL'S

Team White (34)

1.Anisha Able - Barringer - 1pt
2.Tara Johnson - University - 3pts
3.Heavyn Woods - West Side
4.Saja Alston - NCA - 5pts
5.Nakiyah Jackson - Science - 3pts
6.Kristen Fulford - Newark tech - 3pts
7.Zaniyyah Terry - Central - 9pts
8.Jocelyn Williams - University - 1pt
9..Naomi McCovery - West Side 
10.Mariah Perez - Newark Tech - 7pts
11.Dalismar Berrios - East Side
12.Kasmire Jones - Barringer - 2pts
13.Fontus - Payne Tech - 1pt

Team Black (44)

1.Sajadah Winstead - Central - 2pts
2.Taniesha Tucker - University - 10pts
3.Arianna Hill - Payne Tech - 4pts
4.Qunajah Felder - NCA  
5.Aaliya Smith - Central - 4pts
6.Zianna Goda - Newark Tech - 15pts
7.Nia Mallete - Newark Tech - 3pts
8.Teriona Laney - East Side

2019 Roster - (BOY'S)

Freshman/Soph Boy's (32)

1.Tristian Harcourt - University - 2pts
2.Amir Chase - University
3.Ibn Foster - Central - 15pts
4.Zahree Brown - Central
5.Zamorian Singleton - Central - 2pts
6.Nacier Kirksey - Shabazz - 2pts
7.Jahzeer Gaskin - East Side - 6pts
8.David Olanyi - East Side - 3pts
9.Pedro Miranda - Payne Tech
10.Emmanual Gregory - NCA - 2pts
11.Daniel Bradley - Arts
12.Elijah Able - Barringer
13.Jacob Candelario - Barringer
14.Osaruese Osagie - Science park


Sophomores (40)

1.Tasheem Anderson - University
2.Bakir Cleveland - University - 5pts
3.Justin harcourt - University - 8pts
4.Tye Artis - American History - 7pts
5.Tahir Johnson - Central 
6.Oumar Savane - Central
7.Al-Terick Johnson - Shabazz - 2pts
8.Sincere Robinson - Nwk tech -6pts
9.Jack Cosmeus - Eagle - 2pts
10.Aiyon Walker - Barringer
11.Janaie Coates - American History
12.Kelvin Marshall - Nwk Tech - 10pts


Juniors (51)

1.Al-Tamir Mayweather - Weeq - 11pts
2.David French - Central - 7pts
3.Joel Uzoka-Simmons - Central
4.Akil Domino - Central - 14pts
5.Mikah Johnson Jr. - EastSide - 11pts
6.Gabriel Aolanyi - East Side
7.Kirk Parsons - West Side - 6pts
8.Chisom - North Star Academy
9.Zaiid Berry - North Star  - 2pts
10.Jahmere Glover - NCA
11.Anthony Cantey - NCA
12.Jaizon bennett - University
13.Alonza Mitchell - Science park
14.Jawaad Davis - Cristo Rey
15.Emmanuel Toha - Cristo Rey
16.Naseem Cheek - American History

Seniors (56)

1.Arnell Green - Weequahic
2.Emmanuel bell - American His - 6pts
3.Dawud Bodley - Shabazz - 2pts
4.Anas Amos - east Side - 12pts
5.James bell - West Side - 4pts
6.Dashawn latham - West Side - 5pts
7.Hakeem Wilson - North Star
8.Mahoumad Jalloh - North St - 4pts
9.Ibn - Grimsley - newark tech - 6pts
10.Ky'Yon Chapman - Payne  14pts
11.Zack Oree - Arts - 2pts
12.Skerling Reynosa - Barringer 
13.Dejaan Clark - Central


Girl's Roster

Team Black 

Mecca Lockett - Central - 
Yakerah Green - Central - 6pts
Alani Jones - Arts
Fredrayah Heyward - Arts - 8pts
Nakia Watson - Shabazz - 1pt
Quanajah Felder - Newark Collegiate
Teriona Lancey - East Side
Teresa Ortiz - University - 23pts
Tara Johnson - University - 4pts
Tanisha Tucker - University
Naomi McCovery - West Side
Victoria Roe - Weequahic - 9pts
Kiara Amons - Shabazz - 6pts
Fechi Nwodili - Science Park - 2pts

Team White - Won 64-59 OT

Danaija Bunch - Central - 6pts
Alethea Bearfield - Arts - 2pts
Aliyah Anas - Arts - 3pts
Kcy'Yanna Zahiratu - West Side - 3pts
Brianna Racine - Shabazz - 3pts
India Pope - East Side
Tamara Johnson - University - 3pts
Danielle Robinson - University - 25pts
Dominique Joseph - University - 12pts
Amaya Powell - University - 
Dytasia Blake - West Side
Chanel Pruitt - Weequahic - 4pts
Zahniyah McKnight - Shabazz - 1pt
Titilayo Afolabi - Science Park - 2pts
Amarachi Onyemaobi - Science Park

Boy's Roster
Team White - Won 98-91

Keith Roger (SR) Central - 11pts
Wendell Wright - Shabazz - 3pts
Jahlil Moore - People's Prep - 2pts
Hakeem Wilson - North Star - 21pts
Kirk Arnold - Shabazz - 5pts
Zachary Oree - Arts - 6pts
Shamir Johnson - East Side 
Dashawn Latham - West Side - 19pts
Tyjon Huntley - West Side
Mikah Johnson - East Side - 6pts
Justin Harcourt - University - 2pts
De'Andre Speight - East Side - 11pts
Emmanuel Toha - Christ the King - 4pts
Emmanuel Bell - History HS - 8pts
Dawud Bodley - Shabazz

Black Team

Al-Quan Dwight - University - 3pts
Joel Uzoka-Simmons - Central - 3pts
Zarique Nutter - Central - 17pts
Anas Amos - East Side - 5pts
Jihad Jenkins - East Side - 4pts
Nasir Johnson - Newark Tech - 3pts
Dahjae Green - History
Jazir Clark - Barringer - 16pts
Michael Jackson - Christ the King
Dee-End McRae - Central - 5pts
Danny Velez Jr. - Newark Collegiate
Ishmil Montague - Weequahic - 16pts
James Bell - West Side - 9pts
Kirk Parsons - West Side
Hakeem Ceesay - Science - 10pts

The Freshman boy's gave it their all but came up short down the stretch losing to the sophomores 83-72

2017 Participants

Boy's (Freshman)

Zarique Nutter - Central - 18pts
David French - Central - 7pts
Joel Uzoka-Simmons - Central - 10pts
Patrick Jordan - Baringer - 9pts
Alonza Mitchell - Science Park
Emmanuel Toha - Christ The King
Isaiah Davis - University - 4pts
Jaizon Bennett - University
Joshua Matthews - Arts - 6pts
Sincere Spruill - Weequahic
Tyjuan Lensey - Weequahic
Al-Tamir Mayweather - Weequahic - 2pts
Jabriel Smith - American History
Kirk Parson - West Side - 7pts
Jahmere Glover - Newark Collegiate
Naseem Cheek - American History - 7pts


Jihad Evans - Central - 5pts
Solomon Mickens - Central
Tyquan Stalling - Science Park
Anthony Travis - Science Park - 4pts
Kirk Arnold - Shabazz
Sterling Reynosa - Barringer
Caleb Bernandez - Barringer
Taysir Hall - University - 5pts
D'Andre Collins - University - 2pts
Mouhammed Sanogo - Eagle Academy - 4pts
Manuel Bell - American History - 16pts
Jasim Kelly - American History - 2pts
Zack Oree - Arts - 4pts
Daniel velez Jr. - Newark Collegiate
Tyjon Huntley - Weequahic - 13pts
Hakeem Wilson - North Star
Anas Amos - East Side - 19pts
James Bell - West Side
Dawud Bodley - Shabazz - 6pts

Roster is Final


Dee-End McRae - Central - 6pts
Keith Rogers - Central - 3pts
Omar Terry - Central
Jazir Clark - Barringer - 4pts
Abdul Ajeigbe - Science Park
Dequan Graves - Shabazz - 2pts
Luis Curiel - Barringer - 6pts
Rontae Bostic - Shabazz
Al-Quan Dwight - University - 3pts
Jahid Jenkins - East Side
Shamir Johnson - East Side - 17pts
Marvin Worthy - Arts - 3pts
Ishmael Montique - Weequahic - 7pts
Laquan Breedlove - Weequahic 


Nasir Mack - Central
Francis Mensah - Shabazz
James McNeil - Barringer
Darnell Jackson _ Newark Collegiate
Amadu Benbow - East Side
Elijah Ford - Weequahic -
Eric Albrook - Arts
Jimmy Olaniyi - Arts
Quayon Williams-King - West Side
Nyreese Benders - University
Yasim Hooker - West Side
Quaion Taylor - West Side
Jacoby Archie - Weequahic
Isaiah Brown - Weequahic
Jaquan Burton - North Star
Najee Pride - Christ The King



2017 Participants



Miriam Ormeno - North 13th St.


Tiaunnah Harris - Shabazz
Courtney Mims - Central - 4pts -loss
Nyasaia Bryant - Arts - 2pts - win
Samaya Judd - Arts
Alethea Bearfield - Arts - 3pts - win
Isis Jones - Central
Zahniyah McKnight - Shabazz
Kiara Turner - North 13th St.
Zahniyyah Tarry - West Side
Fredrayah Heward - Arts - 10pts - win


Nahamara Brown - Central - 2pts - loss
Danaija Bunch - Central - 4pts - win
Brittney Hemley - Central
Mecca Lockett - Shabazz - 2pts - win
Danielle Robinson - University - 18pts - loss
Dominique Joseph - University
Teresa Oriz - University - 9pts - win
Yakeerah Green - Central
Amaya Powell - University - 2pts - win
Briana Racine - Shabazz
Taleah Harris - Shabazz
Kiara Amos - Shabazz


Ayidiya Walker - Central - 3pts - win
Qua'aja Chapman - Central
Jaileen Oquendo - Science Park - 12pts - win
Asiyah Travis -Shabazz
Angeleen Field - Shabazz - 2pts - win
Abriana Elizabeth Todd - North 13th
Sidney Jackson - North 13th

2015 Participants



Ta'Neyah Patton(West Side), Kcy'yania Zahiratu(West Side), Atiyah Blackmon(Newark Tech), Nastaisha McKinnon(Newark Tech), Jyrah Canady(Newark Tech), Samantha Ocampo(Newark Tech), Victoria Roe(Weequahic), Dominique Joseph(University), Amber Moses(University), Alicia Gordon(University), Armanie Anderson(North 13th St.), Teresa Ortiz(University), Ameesha Williams(Marion P. Thomas), Zania Butler(St. Vincent), Danielle Robinson(Shabazz), Yakeerah Green(Central), Jasmine Smith(Central)


Tahmyra Cheatham(West Side), Tanice Minott(West Side), Kiara Crawford(West Side), Kiyanda Williams(University), Tiara Hawkins(University), Skyie Watson(University), Amoni Davidson(University),
Riquel Alexander(North 13th St.), Talia Whiston(Newark Collegiate), Quanaja Bishop(Newark Prep), Tiffany Counts(West Side). Leannah Hunter(Arts), Khadijah Saleem(Central), Qua'aja Chapman(Central)

The White Team defeated the Black Team 81-38 in yesterday's Girl's All-Star Game. One game was played as the freshman/sophmore were mixed together due to player's not showing up.

Freshman Teresa Ortiz(University) scored a game high 26 points for the White Team. The White team alsoreceived a strong effort from Soph Riquel Alexander(No13th St.) scored 11 points, Soph Leannah Hunter(Arts) 10 points, Soph Kiyanda Williams(University) 9 points, Fr.Yakeerah Green(Central) 8 points, Soph Quanaja Bishop(Newark Prep) 5 points, Fr. Zaniah Butler(St. Vincent) and Soph Skyie Watson(University) both scored 4 points.

The Black Team was led by Jamiyah Mccombs with 8 points, Fr JasmineSmith(Central) and Soph TiaraHawkins(University) both scored 7 points, Fr Ameesha Vines(Marion P. Thomas) and Soph TamyraCheatham(West Side) both added 6points, Soph Tiffany Counts(West Side) rounded out the scoring with 3 points.


NyAshia Anderson(Newark Tech), Dayjah Anderson(Newark Tech), Tajanay Estes(Newark Tech), MyaMuhammad(Newark Tech), ZaniyyahSeagraves(Newark Tech), KeshawnaWhite(Weequahic), HafeezahCausey(Weequahic), ShontellGillespie(Weequahic), Tyler-Ray Young(University), TeylahnaGreen(Univerzsity), IyannahMoore(University), JihiyahChavis(University), TerriColeman(University), ShaddiyahGuyton(University), Rhianna Robinson(Barringer), Rakiyah Sellers(Arts), Iyannah Kirksey(Shabazz), KayleenOcasio(Shabazz), LaKishaKing(Central), Maliah Baraka(Central), ZayidahMayse(Central)


Nicole Johnson(Newark Tech), Ashley McKinnon(Newark Tech), Deyonna Lewis(Newark Tech), Anaya Holbert(Newark Tech), Naj'La Hopper(Newark Tech), Ianna Carroll(University), Dara Etim(North 13th St.), Tiffany Jackson(North 13th St.), Jasmine Wilkins(Barringer), Shannon Thomas(Arts), Ivana Negron(Shabazz), Acestra Robinson(Shabazz), Robin Engleman(Shabazz), Carrie King(Shabazz)

Shahidiquan Mcgee(Newark Prep) Keith Rogers(Central), Dee'End McRae(Central), Fuquan McLean(Central), Vincent Bronson(Central), Tyrese Barnes(Central), Jazir Clark(Barringer), Al-Jamir Phillips(West Side), Davion Edney(West Side), Jaquil Wise(West Side), Shahid Burwell(University), Hakeem Cessay(Science Park), Dylan Okine(Science Park), Shamir Johnson(East Side), Nasir Solomon(Weequahic), Jashyn Abel(St. Benedict's), Sharif Williams(University), Ishmael Montague(University)

Nasir Mack(Central), Nyrese Benders(Central), Al-Jameen Smith(Central), Jahi Dwyer(Central), Cesar Hurtado(Barringer), Javonne Jones(West Side), Yasim Hooker(West Side), Eustace Weeks(West Side), Alif Beyah(West Side), Quayon Williams-King(West Side), Adonis Ridley(Newark Tech), Walter Byrd(Newark Tech), Jalah Wemusa(Newark Tech), Mazayah Young(University), Amadu Benbow(East Side), Elijah Olyni(East Side), Lamonte McFarland(Science Park), Elijah Travis(Science Park), Luis Hurtado(Barringer), Arthur Mitchell(East Side), Jahid Alexander(Weequahic), Terrelle Wise(Weequahic), Elijah Ford(Arts), Al-Jabree Tomlin(University), Javandre House(University), Jimmy O(Arts), QuaionTaylor(Arts)
Justin Jones(Central), Nijaron Palmer(Central), Ibn Saadiq(Newark Prep), Dayvon Savage(Newark Prep), Keith Drake(Central), Edwin Toldeo(Barringer), Assammad Magwood(Barringer), Joshua Taylor(Weequahic), Isa Williams(University), Shaquan Mickens(University), Saquan Young(Shabazz), Ramiir Conover-Dixon(Bloomfield Tech), Rajohn Conover-Dixon(N. 13th St.), Keon Thomas(West Side), Joshua Ford(Arts), Mustafa Lawrence(Newark Tech), Tarae Merrit(Newark Tech), Forrest Miller(Newark Tech), Zaqir Edwards(Marion P. Thomas), ScheickTourre(Science Park), Shafee Harris(Marion P. Thomas), Al-TarikHarrell(Shabazz), Tyra Sorbino(Shabazz), Joshua Francois(Arts)
Yasim Smith(Central), Tyree Dwyer(Central), Jaquan Hanson(Central), Andre Pulley(Central), Naji Ahmad(Central), Darius Williams(Barringer), Diego Pujols(Barringer), Alphonso Anderson(West Side). Talib Lacey(West Side), Nasheed Jackson (West Side), Al-Quan Stith(West Side), Chiedozie Akawuaku(Arts), Abdul Bryant(Shabazz), Dashon Jones(University), Benjamin Pimentel(Science Park), Alvin Toha(Science Park), Tyree Moore(Arts), Tyquan Mewborne(Arts), Javon Hill(Arts), Ibn Johnson(Marion P. Tomas), Shakai Perry(Marion P. Thomas), Etreace Robinson(Marion P. Thomas), Isaiah Jones(Newark Collegiate), Walker Wilson(Newark Tech), Jordan Zagadou(Newark Tech), Jurod Page(NewarkTech), CJWebb(Newark Tech), Ahmad Harrison(East Side), Jabril Ahmad( East Side), Taj Price(East Side), Maurice Nwamara(University), WakeeRush(Shabazz), Malik Maxwell(Shabazz)

2015 Freshman Game

  In the 2015 Freshman game the Black Team defeated The White Team 62-61. Hakeem Cessay(Science Park) led the Black with 16pts, Jihad Jenkins(East Side) added 15 points, Keith Roger(Central) scored 10 points, Tyrese Barnes(Central) 8 points and Fuquan McLean(Centra), Al-Jamir Phillips(West Side) and Jaquil Wise(West Side) all contributed 4 points in the victory...... 

  The White team was led by Shamir Johnson(East Side) 20 points, Jazir Clark)Barringer) 16 points, Hassan Cessay(East Side) 11 points, Sahid Burwell(University) 6 points, Shadiquan Mcgee(Central) 4 points, Dee'End Mcrae(Central) 2 points and to round out the scoring for the White Team Davion Edney(West Side) 1 point.

2015 Sophmore Game

  In the 2015 Sophomore game The White Team prevailed with a 63-55 victory breaking open a close game. The White team was led by Adonis Ridley(Newark Tech) with 19 points, Javonne Jones(West Side) 13 points, Elijah Olyni(East Side) 10 points, Nyreese Bender(Central) 7 points, Jabree Tomlin(University) and Alif Beyah(WestSide) 5 points, Eustace Weekes(West Side) and Elijah Travis(Science Park) scored 2 points. 

  In a losing cause Yasim Hooker(West Side) scored 15 points, Mazayah Young(University) scored 10 points, Nasir Mack(Central) 8 points, Elijah Ford(Arts) 6 points, Al-Jameen Smith(Central), Javandre House(University) and Jahid Alexander(Weequahic) all scored 4 points, Lamont McFarland(Science Park) 2 points and Amadou benbow(East Side) 1 point.

2015 Junior Game

  In the 2015 Junior game the Black Team opened up a 45-18 halftime lead over the White Team. The White team put it together in the 2nd half and made a run, making the score a respectable 75-61. The Black Team was led by Keon Thomas (West Side) scored 25 points, Ramiir Dixon-Conover(Bloomfield Tech) scored 17 points, Scheick Tourre(Science Park) 7 points, Al-Tarik Harrell(Shabazz) 6 points, Joshua Taylor(Weequahic) and Shaquan Mickens(University) both scored 5 points, Shafee Harris(Marion P. Thomas) rounded out the scoring with 3 points.

  The White team in a losing cause was led by Saquan Young(Shabazz) with 24 points, Joshua Ford(Arts) 17points, Tyre Sorbino(Shabazz) 10 points, Nijaron Palmer(Central) 8 points, Isa Williams(University), Tarae Merritt(Newark tech) and Joshua Francois(Arts) all rounded out the scoring with 2 points.

2015 Senior Game

  In the 2015 Senior Game the Black Team prevailed as well. The Black team used a 11-0 run to close the game to defeat the White Team 85-76.... Alphonso Anderson(West Side) led the Black Team with 19 points, Jabril Ahmad(East Side) scored 16 points, CJ Webb(Newark Tech) added 11 points, Talib Lacey(West Side) scored 10 points, Al-Quan Stith (West Side) scored 7 points, Jordan Zagadou(Newark Tech) and Naji Ahmad(Central) both scored 6 points and Shakai Perry(Marion P. Thomas) scored 5 points.

  The Whte team in a losing effort was led by Darius Williams(Barringer) with 24 points, Jurod Page(Newark tech) 13 points, Diego Pujols(Barringer) and Chedozie Akawuaka(Arts) scored 11 points, Yasim Smith(Central) and Jaquan hanson(Central) scored 6 points each, Ibn Johnson(Marion P. Thomas) 4 points, and rounding out the scoring Nasheed Jackson(West Side) and Etreace Robinson(Marion P. Thomas) 2 points.

 2014 Roster
The senior game was dominated by the White Team as they destroyed the Dark Team 86-57. Akbar Hoffman(Newark East Side) scored 23pts off the bench to lead the way, his teammate Ishmael Sanogo(East Side) scored 17pts, Khyrie Smith(Barringer) 10pts, Keywon Savage(Central), Sherrod Carter(Weequahic) and Jamar Gilbert(East Side) all added 9pts, Umar Frost(Barringer) added 5pts and Denious Johnson(Science Park) rounded out the scoring with 4pts.
The Dark Team was led by Joseph Kelly(University) with 17pts, Eric Moore(Shabazz) 11pts, Tyree Sykes(Newark Tech) 8pts, Nasir Farmer(Central), Malik Greig(West Side) and Timeer Davis(Visions) all scored 4pts, Abdul Lewis(East Side) and Jerome Jones(Visions) added 2pts, Murphy Aukwarka(University) rounded out the scoring with 1pt.
White Team
Tamir Barnes(Central), Keywon Savage(Central), Izaha Jackson(West Side), Anthony Morais(Newark Vocational),Al-Tariq Halsey(Newark Tech), Jamar Gilbert(East Side), Akbar Hoffman(East Side), Ismael Sonogo(East Side), Denious Johnson(Science Park), Shaheem Norfleet(Science Park), Khayri Smith(Barringer), Umar frost(Barringer), Wesley Howard(University), Marquis Harding(N. 13th St)
Dark Team
Sharlon Labatto(Newark Tech), Nasir Farmer(Central), Malik Greig(West Side), Tarell Stokes(Newark Vocational), Tyree Sykes(Newark Tech), Barod Wiley(Newark Collegiate), Eric Moore(Shabazz), Abdul Lewis(East Side), Joseph Kelly(University), Timeer Davis(Visions Academy), Jerome Jones(Visions Academy), Marcellus Moultri(Visions Academy), Murphy Aukwarka(University), Jerrell Pruitt(Arts)
Juniors -
In a closely contested game the Dark Team edged the White Team 65-62. Ahmad Harrison led the way with 13pts, Alfonzo Anderson scored 9pts, Shallah Kellah and Jaquan Hanson added 8pts, CJ Webb and Abdul Bryant scored 6pts, Nasheed Jackson 4pts, Jarod Page 3pts, Markell Thomas, Jason Graham and Dwayne Ruben scored 2pts
The White Team received 9pts from Jibril Ahmad, Al-Quan Stith, Yasim Smith, and Tyrone Cradle 7pts, Taj Price and Jordan Zagadou 6pts, Tyree Dwyer and Darius Williams 5pts, Dashuan Jones 4pts, and Jeffery Odame 2pts
White Team
Yasim Smith(Central), Tyree Dwyer(Central), Keon Thomas(West Side), Talib Lacey(West Side), Al-Quan Stith (Newark Vocational), Tyrone Cradle(Newark Vocational), Wilberto Sanchez(Newark Vocational), Jordan Zagadou(Newark Tech), Walker Wilson(Newark Tech), Najee Travis(Shabazz), Taj Price(East Side), Jibril Ahmad(East Side), Alvin Toha(Science Park), Darius Williams(Barringer), Daniel Torres(Barringer), Jeffery Odame(Science Park), Dashon Jones(University), Tyree Moore(Arts)
Dark Team
Elijah Sealey(Central), Jaquan Hanson(Central), Nasheed Jackson(West Side), Alfonzo Anderson(Newark Vocational), Shallah Kehleay(Newark Vocational), Johntahan Roman(Newark Vocational), Markell Thomas(Newark Vocational), Jurod Page(Newark Tech), Isiah Jones(Newark Collegiate), Malik Toppins(Shabazz), Abdul Bryant(Shabazz), Ahmad Harrison(east Side), Dwayne Ruben(Visions Academy), Jason Graham(Visions Academy), Ibn Johnson(Visions Academy), Marquis Sanon(N. 13th St.), CJ Webb(Newark Tech), Chodize Aukwarka(Arts)
The White Team knocked off the Dark Team 65-44. The White Team was led by Mustafa Lawrence with 11pts, Zamir Wright 10pts,  Tim Heyward, Mike Osisosfa, As-Samaad Maywood and Rajohn Dixon all had 8pts, Joshua Taylor added 3pts, Nijaron Palmer, Keith Drake, Isa Williams, and Edwin Toldeo rounded out the scoring with 8pts
White Team
Nijaron Palmer(Central), Ibn Saadiq(Central), Keith Drake(Central), Dayvon Savage(West Side), Sadat Lawrence(Newark Tech), Mike Osiosfia(Newark Collegiate), Tyre Sobino(Shabazz), Zamir Wright(University), Isa Williams(University), Shieck Tourre(Science Park), Joshua Taylor(Weequahic), As-Samaad Maywood(Barringer), Edwin Toledo(Barringer), Rajohn Dixon(N 13th St)
Dark Team
Justin Jones(Central), Jaleel Martin(Central), DeAndre Jospeh(West Side), Shaquille Green(Newark Vocational), Ramir Conover(Bloomfield Tech), SyquanYoung (Shabazz), DeShawn White(East Side), Tariq McKenith(University), Shaquan Mickens(University), Darryl Gregory(Science Park), Angelo Mario(Weequahic), Rajohn Dawkins(Visions Academy), Isiah Haywood(Visions Academy), Joshua Ford(Arts)
The White Team defeated the Dark Team 66-40 as the White Team went on a 18-0 run in the 2nd half. Adonis Ridley led the winners with 11pts, Quayon Williams-King added 10pts, Nyreese Bender and Zaire Miller all scored 7pts, Quian Taylor 6pts, Amadu Bembo 5pts, Luis Hertado 4pts, Elijah Olaniyi 3pts, Stephon Brown and Ghanee Muhammad scored 2pts.
The Dark Team in a losing effort received 9pts from Darnell Brodie, RJ Cole 7pts, Alif Beyah 6pts, Yasim Hooker 5pts, Kevin Notice and Elijah Travis 3pts, Tequill Martin, Mazaya Young and Jahid Alexander scored 2pts. 
White Team
Nyreese Bender(Central), Stephen Brown (West Side), Quayon Williams-King(Newark Vocational), Javon Turner(Newark Vocational), Adonis Ridley(Newark Tech), Zaire Miller(Newark Collegiate), Amadu Benbow(East Side), Elijah Olaniyi(East Side), Francis Menseh(Shabazz), Le'Abdre McFarland(Science Park), Ghanee Muhammad(Weequahic). Luis Hurtado(Barringer), Caesar Hurtado(Barringer), Tamil Hill(N.13th St.), Quian Taylor(Arts)
Dark Team
DeAndre Martinez(West Side), Yasim Hooker(Newark Vocational), Alif Beyah(Newark Vocational), RJ Cole(Newark Tech), Kevin Notice(Newark Collegiate), Tyquill Martin(Shabazz), Darnell Brodie(East Side), Mazaya Young(University), Elijah Travis(Science Park), Jahid Alexander(Weequahic), Alpha Kaba(Visions Academy), Naim Claiborne(Visions Academy), Keon Baxter(N.13th St.), ElijahFord(Arts)
Although only 10 girls showed up for the game it still was exciting as The White Team defeated the Dark Team 50-41. Stephanie Davis(Weequahic) scored 18pts, Doniyah Cliney(Shabazz) 16pts, Zaire O'Neal(Shabazz) 10pts, and Rahkiyah Abdullah(Shabazz 6pts.
The Dark Team was led by DeAshia Jones with 17pts, Naquashia Rattray(Shabazz) 11pts, Shanice Wright(Central) 5pts, Al-Symeenah Alexander(Weequahic) 4pts, Briana Franklin(Shabazz) 3pts
White Team
Zhane Taylor(University), Stephanie Davis(Weequahic), Cassandra Rainey(Newark Tech), Doniyah Cliney(Shabazz), Rahkiyah Abdullah(Shabazz), Zaire O'Neal(Shabazz), Atiliyah Butler(Shabazz), Amatullah White(West Side), Jante Bracewell(Newark Tech)
Dark Team
Quadaisha Williams(University), Al-Symeenah Alexander(Weequahic), Rukayat Balogun(Science Park), Briana Franklin(Shabazz), Syonah Williams(Shabazz), DeAshia Jones(Shabazz), Naquaisha Rattray(Shabazz), Ade Lawal(Newark Tech), Shaneice Wright(Central)
The Dark Team came out on top with a 46-43 victory. Acestra Robinson(Shabazz) scored 18pts, Amatullah Johnson(Weequahic) 16pts, Al-Quannisha Loyal 6pts, Patience Guane(Arts) and Ashley McKinnon(Newark Tech) rounded out the scoring with 2pts.
The White Team was led by Ivana Negron(Shabazz) with 23pts, Jasmin Harrell(University) with 9pts, Aliyyah Torres(Science Park) 5pts, Robin Engleman(Shabazz) 4pts, and Shannon Thomas(Arts) 2pts.
White Team
Jasmin Harrell(University), Shannon Thomas(Arts), Jakima Foster(Central), AliyyahTorres(Science Park), Ivana Negron(Shabazz), Robin Engleman(Shabazz), Brianna Coleman(West Side), Nicole Johnson(Newark Tech), Aliyah Valentine(Newark Vocational), Shontell Gillespie(Weequahic)
Dark Team
Amatallah Johnson(Weequahic), Patience Guane(Arts), Tasha Kellam(Central), Shakirah Martinez(Science Park), Acestra Robinson(Shabazz), Al-Quannisha Loyal(Shabazz), Ashley McKinnon(Newark Tech), Lisa Townes(Newark Vocational), Anaya Holbert(Newark Tech)
Another close game as the White Team eeked out a win over the Dark Team 37-36. Shadiyah Guyton(University) led the White Team with 11pts, Jihaya Chavis(University) 9pts, Iyannah Moore(University) 7pts, Rakiyah Sellers(Arts) 6pts androunding out the scoring Ron-Nae Smallwood(West Side) 4pts.
The Dark Team was led by Ciara Pugsley(Weequahic) with 20pts, Brianna Brinson(University) 5pts, Teylahna Green(University) 4pts, Coleman 3pts, Mya Muhammad(Newark tech) and Jasmyne Green(Science Park) rounded out the scoring with 2pts.
White Team
Jihaya Chavis(University), Iyannah Moore(University), Shadiyah Guyton(University), Rakiyah Sellers(Arts), Jondaya Donaldson-Stafford(Central), SadaeBey(Science Park), Kayleen Ocasio(Shabazz), Yohana Encarnacion(West Side), Ron-Nae Smallwood(West Side), Zayidah Mayse(Bard)
Dark Team
Teylahna Green(University), Brianna Brinson(University), Ciera Pugsley(Weequahic), Nia Ridgird(Arts), Nicole Pimentel(Science Park), Jasmyne Green(Science Park), Khudeja Burr(West Side), Mya Muhammad(Newark Tech)
In a close contest the Dark Team outlasted the White Team 27-25.... Leeannah Hunter(Arts) had a strong game with 12pts, Tiara Hawkins(University) 7pts, Jayla Thornton(Newark Tech) added 6pts and Niani Robinson(North Star) rounded out the scoring with 2pts.
The White Team had strong effort from Asiyah Travis(Shabazz) with 19pts, Kiyannda Williams(University) 4pts, and Jones(Newark Vocational) rounded out the scoring with 2pts.
White Team
Kiyanda Williams(University), Alyssa Reddick(Central), Quaaja Chapman(Central), Khadija Saleem(Central), Jaileen Oquendo(Science Park), Asiyah Travis(Shabazz)
Dark Team
Skyie Watson(University), Leeannah Hunter(Arts), Dy'eneba Mariko(Central), Jesseca Carruthers(Central), Sydney Piniero(Science Park), Kiara Crawford(West Side), Jayla Thornton(Newark Tech), Niani Robinson(North Star), Tiara Hawkins(University)
I want to Thank all the player's who participated in the game.... Game stats are posted
The sophmore girls jumped out to a 8-0 lead before the freshman led by Jihaya Chavis(University) took over the game scoring 14pts and playing lock up defense to her fellow freshman finsih with a 42-18 run. Her teammate Teylahna Green(University) added 13pts and worked well on the boards. The sophmores couldn't get on track but was led by Zsade Byrd(Weequahic) with 7pts.
The juniors strutted their stuff as Alsameenah Alexander(Weequahic) led all scorers with 15pts and her fellow teammate at Weequahic Stephanie Harris added 10pts. Newark Central JR Shaniece Wright added 8pts. The seniors were led by Ania Robinson(Newark Central with 8pts and Dawn Green(Newark Tech) added 6pts.
Walker Wilson(Newark Tech) led a balanced sophmore attack with 12pts as he caused a problem for the freshman in the paint. Newark Central guard Yasim Smith added 11pts in the win, Shallah Kellah(Newark Vocational), Nasheed Jackson(West Side) and Alphonso Anderson(Newark Vocational) all chipped in with 8pts. The Freshman were led by Raamir Conover(N. 13th St.) with 13pts and Zamir Wright(University) with 10pts in the loss. Mustafa Lawrence(Newark Tech) added 6pts
Seniors (68) - Juniors (53)
The seniors proved to be too much for the juniors as Jamaal Smith(Newark Vocational) got hot finishing with 14pts - 4 3-pointers, Komoko Tarae(Newark Tech) finished with 12pts, Alif Muhammad(Technology) 9pts, RaKwan Kelly(Newark Tech) and Stephon McNair (Newark East Side) scored 8 and James McMillon(Science Park) scored 6pts. The juniors received 8 pts from Khyrie Smith(Barringer), Keywon Savage(Newark Central) 7pts, Tamir Barnes(Newark Central) and Anthony King(N. 13th St.) 6pts
Freshman - Zamir Wright(University), Isa Williams(University), Ibn Saadiq(Central), Nijaron Palmer(Central), Tyler Coleman(Science), Mustafa Lawrence(Newark Tech), Edwin Toledo(Barringer), Marquis Tyrelle(Christ The King), Cyril Langavine(Christ The King), Yvens Montheury(Christ The King), Tarik McKenith(University), Shamir White(University), Shaheed Clark(Newark Tech), Dayvon Savage(West Side), Shaquan Barnes(West Side)
Sophmores - Kyle Wright(University), Yasim Smith(Central), Jaquan Hanson(Central), Elijah Sealey(Central), Aziz Rogers(Newark Vo), Shallah(Newark Vo), Anderson(Newark Vo), Tyrone Cradle(Newark Vo), Nasheed Jackson(West Side), Javon Hill(Arts), Walker(Newark Tech), Jordan(Newark Tech), Ahmad Harrison (East Side), Marquise Sannon(N. 13th St.), Richard Chapman(Shabazz), Nasir Cooper(Weequahic), Jurod Page(Newark Tech),Tyree Dwyer(Central)
Juniors - Jerrell Murray(University), Joseph Kelley(University), Nasir Farmer(Central), Tamir Barnes(Central), Keywon Savage(Central), Everson Davis(West Side), Jerrell Pruitt(Arts), Denius(Science), Tyree Sykes(Newark Tech), Akbar Hoffman(East Side), Abdul Lewis(EastSide), Jamar Gilbert(East Side), Ishmael Sanogo(East Side), Anthony King(North 13th St.), Al-Tariq Halsey(Newark Tech)
Seniors - Aziz Gilliam(Shabazz), Akrum Wadley(University), Taji Williams(Central), Jamal Smith(Newark Vo), James McMillan(Science Park), Rakwan Kelly(Newark Tech), Nasir White(Newark Tech), Dwayne Murrill(Newark Tech), Will Joyce(East Side), Stephan Mcnair(EastSide), Rastacey Beam(Barringer), Henley Polynice(North 13th St.), Alif Muhammad(Technology),Salhudine Simmons(Weequahic), Maurice Odum(Weequahic)
Freshman - Lakeisha King(Newark Vocational), Tamisha Harris(Central), Ciara Pugsley(Weequahic), Nicole Pimentel(Science), Rakiyah Sellers(Arts), Nia Ridgird(Arts), Jihayah Chavis(University), Iyannah Moore(University), Nakiyah Sanders(University), Shadiyyah Guyton(University), Teylahna Green(University)
Sophmore - Nicole Johnson(Newark Tech), Ashley McKinna(Newark Tech), Shyasia Pridgeon(Newark Tech), Desire Watson(Newark Tech), Zakeeyah harris (East Side), Carmen Melendez(East Side), Takiyah Benbow(East Side), Shakirah Martinez(Science), Aliyyah Torres(Science), Amatullah Johnson(Weequahic), Hafeezah Causey(Weequahic), Zsade Byrd(Weequahic), Shannon Thomas(Arts), Ashley McKinna(Newark Tech), Lisa Townes(Newark Vocational), Madeja Grant(Newark Vocational)
Juniors - Jante Bracewell(Newark Tech), Cassandra Rainey(Newark Tech), Chasity Santiago(East Side), Rukayat Balogun(Science), Shaniece Wright(Central), Stephanie Davis(Weequahic), Alsaymeena Alexander(Weequahic), Zhane Taylor(University), Latayah Green(Arts), Amatullah White(West Side)
Seniors - Dawn Green(Newark tech), Jada Owens(Newark Vocational), Brianda Williams(Newark Vocational), Daismairah Parmley(Newark Vocational), Success Edioma(East Side), Anaya Russell(Science), Aniya Robinson(Central), Nija McQueen(Central), Sameerah Jones(Central), Alesha(Central), Aanise Barnes(Arts), Diamond Williams(University), Shanna King(University), Tyshon Richardson(University), Aapri Wright(West Side)

Zoo Crew Benefit All-Star Games went very well
In Game 1 (Girl's)
  This game featured Fr/Soph girls. To make the game competitive the teams were mixed in with each other. The Girls Black Team won the game 41-37. Soph Altiliyah Butler(Shabazz) led all scorers with 19pts and Fr. Kyiarah English(Bloomfield Tech) added 10pts in the win. Other scorers for the winners were Soph De'Asia Jones(Shabazz) 5pts, Soph Zhane Linton-Ford(Newark Tech), Soph Alsaymeena Alexander(West Side) and Fr Jhyasia Pridgen(Newark Tech) all scored 2pts, Fr Shannon Thomas(Arts) rounded out the scoring for the black with 1pt. 
  This game featured fr/soph Boy's. The Freshman gave the sophmore's a run as the game went down to the wire. The game was very exciting until the final buzzer. A very good looking sophmore Jamar Gilbert(Newark East Side) put the team on his back helping the soph's win 56-53. Gilbert dropped in 16pts, 9 in the 2nd half. Other sophmore scorers Keywon Savage(Central) 8pts, Anthony King(N. 13th St.) and Issac Glenn(Newark Tech) 7pts, Eric Moore(Shabazz) 5pts, Murphy Alcawauka(University) and Daniel Pruitt(Arts) 4pts and Shahid Crome(Central) 3pts. The freshman didn't back down and showed they are talented as well. Aziz Rogers and Shallah Kealey both of Newark Vocational led the way with 9pts, Yasim Smith(Shabazz) and Javon Hill(Arts) had 8pts each, Jaquan Hanson(Central) 6pts, Jurod Page(Newark Tech) 5pts, Chiedozie Alkauwka(Arts) 4pts and Elisga Baskerville(Arts) and Dakell Bryant(Technology) added 2pts.
In Game 3 we had the Junior/Senior girls. The teams were mixed to make the game competitive. The Black team was victorious All-Stater SR Aaliyyah Handford(Shabazz) and SR Nagera McCloud(Newark Collegiate) both scored 18pts to lead the Black Team. Other scorers for the Black Team were SR Nydreyah Love(Weequahic) 12pts, SR Sydonia Daniels(Arts) 11pts, SR Nyasia Wheeler(Newark Vocational) 2pts and Jr Patricia Dennis(Technology) 1pt. The White Team received 18 pts from Jr. Dawn Green(Newark Tech), SR Tiffany Mitchem(Weequahic) 13pts, SR Yasmin Cooper(Newark Tech) 8pts, JR Naqaiyyah Teague(Shabazz) 6pts and Sr Nicole Keitt(Weequahic) 1pt
The final game of the afternoon heated up in the 2nd half with the All Senior White Team defeating the Black Team 74-64 which had a mixture of seniors and juniors. Sr Brandon Waiters(Central) led the all senior team with 18pts. Other scorers Sr Anthony Closs(Shabazz) 10pts, Sr Ar-Tese Harris(N. 13th) 9pts, Abdul Bey(Newark Vocational) 8pts, Jamir Joyner(Technology) 7pts, Justin Harrell (Science Park) 6pts, Kendell Henry(University) and Joshua Morris(Newark Vocational) 4pts, Amir Bey(Newark Vocational) 3pts and Kyle Teague(Newark Vocational) and Kelvin Peeples(North 13th) both scored 2pts. The Black Team was led by Sr Abel Yekeh(Newark Tech) with 12pts. Other scorers on the Black Team Jr Jared Hall(Newark Tech) 10pts, JR Elijah Brown(University) 8pts, Sr Dwayne Dixon(Newark Tech) 7pts, Jr Jelani Butler(Technology) 6pts, Jr Kenley Polynice(N. 13th St) 4pts. The following player's scored 2pts for the Black Team Jr Jamal Smith(Newark Vocational), Jr Stephon Johnson(N.13th St), Jr Aziz Gilliam(Science Park), Jr Curtis George(Technology), JR Alif Muhammad(Technology), Sr Elijah Melvin(Central) and SR Al-Gernon Gordon(Central) 1pt
Girl's Roster

Nagera McCloud 5'9 F (Newark Collegiate)Naqaiyyah Teague 5'7 G (Shabazz)Tyla Archer 5'9 F/C (North Brunswick)Ashley McKinnon (Newark Tech)Sonya Lopez 5'10 C (Central)Jaoa Lewis 5'0 G (Linden)Janaiyah Saxton 5'1 PG (Central)Sierra Anderson 5'8 G (Newark Tech)Shikey Bullock 5'4 F (Technology)Patricia Dennis 5'1 PG (Technology)Zaire O'Neal 6'1 F (Shabazz)Nicole Johnson 5'0 G (Newark Tech)Maya Hines 5'4 G (Newark Vocational)Dawn Green 5'8 G (Newark Tech)Doniyah Cliney 6'0 G (Shabazz)Acestra Robinson 5'0 G (Shabazz)Yasmin Cooper 6'2 C (Newark Tech)Brianda Williams 5'7 F (Newark Vocational)Altiliyah Butler F (Shabazz)Kyiarah English 5'3 PG (Bloomfield Tech)Nydreyah Love 5'9 F/C (Weequahic)
De"Ashia Jones 5'11 F/C (Shabazz)Shannon Thomas 5'3 PG (Arts)Nyasia Wheeler 5'4 G (Newark Vocational)
Zhane Linton-Ford 5'2 G (Newark Tech)Lisa Tocones 5'9 F/G (Newark Vocational)Nicole Keitt 5'7 PG (Weequahic)
Tierra Hodge 5'5 G (Technology) Al-Quannisa Loyal 5'2 G (Shabazz) Sydonia Daniels 6'1 C (Arts)
 Makina Farrell 5'4 G Emazhane Livingston 5'6 F (Technology) Tiffany Mitchem 5'4 G (Weequahic)
 Shabirah Roberts 5'8 F (Newark Tech)Jhyasia Pridgen G (Newark Tech) Aliyyah Handford 5'9 G (Shabazz)
 Alsaymeena Alexander 5'7 PG (West Side) Najla Hopper 5'7 G (Newark Tech)

 Adsronke Lawal 5'11 C (Newark Tech)

Boy's Roster 

Tyrone Anthony 5'11 G(Weequahic)Elijah Brown 6'1 PG(University) Devin Huff 6'4 F(Central) Huberman Ermeus 6'2 F(Central)Jamir Joyner 6'5 F(Technology)Jamal Smith 6'0 G(Newark Vocational) Garnett Sears 6'2 G(West Side) Dakell Bryant 6'2 F(Technology)Amir Bey 5'7 PG(Newark Vocational)Stephen McNair 6'1 PG(East Side) Keywon Savage 6'2 G(Central) Tyron Cradle 6'3 F(Central)Joshua Morris 6'6 F(Newark Vocational)Jelani Butler 6'2 F (Technology) Sharllon Lobato 6'4 F(Newark Tech Javon Hill 6'3 F(Arts)Daniel Johnson 5'9 PG (West Side)Stephon Johnson 6'2 F(N. 13th St.) Jerrell Murray 6'3 F(University) Elisja Baskerville 5'6 PG(Arts)Kelvin Peeples 6'2 G (Newark Tech)Aziz Gilliam 5'8 PG(Science Park) Jerrell Pruitt 6'2 G(Arts) Chiedozie Akwauka(Arts)Keith Mahatha 5'11 G (Technology)Jared Hall 5'10 PG(Newark Tech) Dino Boyd 6'4 F(Newark Tech) Yasim Smith 6'0 PG(Shabazz)Ar-Tese Harris 6'6 F(North 13th)Curtis George 6'2 F(Technology)  Anthony King 5'7 PG(N. 13th ) Jaquan Hanson 5'7 PG(Central)Moses May 6'2 G(Weequahic)Carlos Giron 5'9 G(Technology) Jamar Gilbert 6'2 G(East Side) Jamont 5'7 PG(Newark Vocational)Kendell Henry 6'4 F(University)Alif Muhammad 6'3 F(Technology)Issac Glenn 6'3 G(Newark Tech)Shallah Kehleay 6'4 F(Newark Vocational)Kyle Teague 6'1 G(Newark Vocational)Kenley Polyinice 6'5 F(N. 13th)Murphy Alcawuaka 5'9 G(Arts)Aziz Rogers 5'10 G(Newark Vocational)Jakil Powell 6'4 F(Shabazz)The following Seniors will play with the JR'sShahid Cromer 5'8 G(Central)Ali Jenkins 5'7 PG(Newark Vocational)Brandon Waiters 5'11 PG(Central)Elijah Melvin 6'1 G (Central)Eric Moore 5'6 PG(Shabazz)Kevin Nouvi 5'8 G(Barringer)Anthony Closs 6'1 G(Shabazz)Al-Gernon Gordon 6'3 F (Central)Nasir Farmer 5'10 PG(Central)Jurod Page 6'3 G(Newark Tech)Abdul Bey 6'2 PG(Newark Vocational)Shakur Benbow 6'5 F (Weequahic)Joseph Kelley 5'8 PG (University)Isaiah McLean 5'10 G(Newark Tech)Amir Eliga 6'8 F(Arts)Abel Yekeh 6'6 F (Newark Tech)

Justin Harrell 5'9 G(Science Park)Dwayne Dixon 6'5 F (Newark Tech)

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